Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ironman Mont Tremblant

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. By the way, ironically, "blog" is not recognized by as a valid English word.

Back to the subject of this post. Miha and I both finished Ironman Mont Tremblant with little to nothing training. Which shows that an Ironman is not that hard after all or that Miha and I are naturally athletic. Of course, I tend to go with the latter.

The hero of the day was Miha. Her longest bike ride was 94 Km, at IM Muskoka 70.3 in 2011. And her longest swim was 3 Km. As usual, she had a big panic attack during the swim leg. No matter how warm the water is, it's still too cold for Miha. Add to it the excitement and nervousness of your first IM race, the fact that you need to swim for 3.8 Km and you get the perfect storm for a panic attack. So, a few minutes after the start, Miha was the dead last out of 2,198 participants arguing with with a lifeguard that she should quit the race. Not a great start for your first IM. Another hero of the day was the lifeguard who in the end convinced Miha to continue with her race. Kudos to the guy! Miha got herself together and slowly started to swim, knowing that there's really nothing to lose. And it worked, she had a good swim and actually managed to pass 20 people on the swim leg. She finished the swim leg in 2:01h, 19 minutes faster than the dreaded swim cut off.

I had a decent swim, considering my complete lack of training. I finished in 1:26h, 6 minutes slower than my PR at IM Lake Placid in 2010. I started the bike leg strong, passing quite a few people. My biggest worry was that I did not see Miha after the turn around. This was Miha's first IM and even though neither of us trained properly for this race I knew how important was for Miha to finish this race. When I started to lose hope, I suddenly heard Miha yelling my name. She looked great and had a big smile on her face.

As soon I knew Miha finished the swim I felt way better. I was quite worried about her. Feeling better made me push harder on the bike. It worked well for the first 2:30 h. Then I got to the big hills and all my energy evaporated after climbing hill after hill. I finished my first loop extenuated and worried that I won't be able to finish the second loop. I decided to ignore my pride and slow down. It worked and slowly got my energy back. I finished the bike leg in 6:26 h, nothing to be proud about, but at least I had enough energy left to start the run in a good shape. And again, considering my lack of training, I had an OK bike leg. 

My run started well and the first loop went pretty good, finishing the first 21.1 km in 2:13h. Then I started looking for Miha because according to my calculations I should cross paths with her soon. At some point I gave up and I thought that Miha did not make the bike cut off. I felt pretty bad about it. Then I saw her and I had a huge relief of joy. 

She told me that she was extremely happy that she made the bike leg.  Once I realized that she finished the bike leg I knew that she was going to finish her first Ironman. I decided to run the second run lap with her. The pressure was gone and we had good time running together and talking about all kind of things.

I finished in 12:58 h and Miha finished in 13:54 h and both of us are very happy with our results.