Saturday, July 9, 2011

Warrior Dash

We had a blast at Warrior Dash, just as we expected. Three of our friends did the race as well and we liked it so much that we we all decided to come back next year. And next time we're definitely going to wear some crazy costumes.

Here are a few pictures:


  1. This was my favorite race this season, soooo freaking fun!!! I am glad you enjoyed it as well.

    Interesting to see some things were different.

    - Our cargo wall was higher and freaking steeper, I like your version better

    - We didnt have the bale of hay hill

    - AND WE DIDNT HAVE THE SLIP N SLIDE, I am jealous!!!

    - Our cars were parellel.

  2. AWESOME :)

    Yes, agree with BDD's points. However, I am a bit irritated we did not have have the slip and slide, I feel we got ripped off!!!

    We are doing another one of these races a week after our first 140.6 :)

  3. The slip and slide was pretty cool but I went head first and I got a few good skin abrasions.

    This is one of our favorite races, too and we're surely going to do it again soon.