Monday, May 16, 2011

Mississauga [Half] Marathon

Miha and I were supposed to do the Full Mississauga Marathon this weekend, but about a month ago we decided to switch to Half Marathon because of our lack of training. We knew that we were not in shape to finish a full marathon in a decent time.

Surprisingly, I had a very good race on Sunday, way better than expected, considering that I did not train much for it. My goal was to finish it in under 1:45 and I ended up finishing it in 1:35:41.

That's 8 minutes better than my time at Peterborough Half Marathon a month and half ago. This time though, I did not not get drunk the night before the race, which probably helped a little.

We were really lucky, weather wise. On our way to Mississauga it was pouring rain and windy, the kind of rain that makes you wish for faster windshield wipers in order to see where you're going.  I was wondering how the heck are we going to race in this weather. But then the rain slowed down and by the time the race started, the rain almost stopped, which made it a pretty good weather for running.

My plan was to do this race based on HR and try to get a negative split. I kept my Max HR to 165 bpm for the first 5K and then I gradually raised it to 170 bpm and kept there for the next 11K. For the last 5K I did not care about HR anymore and I tried to run as fast as possible. I managed to finish strong, with a 4:13 min. time for the last Km. And I got a negative split, by 30 seconds or so, exactly how I wanted it.

Miha had knee issues and she had to run slower than usual. She finished in 2:10h, which is better than she expected, considering that the day before the race she had doubts about participating.

Our friend Dan, who is more and more into running and triathlons, participated as well. He had problems with his knees since the Around The Bay race. I saw him at the finish line and he looked like he went through a lot of pain. But he HTFU and managed to finish with a sprint, in a total time of 1:57:28h, which is not a PR, but it's a pretty good time for him, considering the conditions.

Here's a picture with all 3 of us, after the race:

All in all, this race went well for all three of us. I am planning to do it again in the future, even though it is scheduled now at the same time with Toronto Marathon. I like the route and the event is well organized.

On the training front, it's going a little bit better lately. I managed to train regularly for the last two weeks, even though it was only for short periods of time. My average weekly training time is only 3.5h. That's probably also because I managed to fell off the bike and damage my rear derailleur. Now I cannot ride my bike until I find the time to take it to Wheels of Bloor and have it fixed.

One thing that makes me happy lately is that Maria is now big enough to ride her bike while I am doing my 10K running sessions. She gets a good workout, especially from the hills, and I get to talk to her a lot and spend time with her, while training. It's pretty much a win-win-win situation.

Here's Maria and I. before heading out for our regular 10K biking/running session:

Another good thing is that I feel in a good shape, not as good as last year, but much better than how I felt two months ago. I started to enjoy training again and hopefully in a couple of months I'll manage to gain back the fitness that I lost during the winter.

I want to congratulate everyone who raced this weekend. Here are just a few blogs to check out for some really good and inspiring stories:  RodneyQ, Matty, Peter.


  1. ohhhh killer time. Congrats on the smoking run time

  2. Wow great time Doru! OMG dude you are fasstt!

    Miha is still smokin' hawt as evar! She's pretty fast 'for a gurl'. :) lol
    OK, she'd probably kick my butt so I intend to avoid any race she is doing because I'm pretty sure she would beat me!

    QUICK make your daughter ride that bike as much as possible! She will outgrow it in a blink of an eye. She probably won't fit it by the end of summer, then again you could fix that if you just dont feed her anymore. Just sayin'....

    Congrats on an awesome race! You have such a beautiful familly!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Ha-ha John! We bought Maria a non pink bike so that Stefan can ride it, too. This way we don't need to starve her in order to get our moneys worth. Ha-ha.

  4. haha great job to both of you! Great time Doru. I laughed pretty hard at your, "I did not get drunk this time before the race so that might have helped a little" haha.

    Hang in there, you will get out of the funk you were in before.

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  6. Nice race you two..... Doru you are a natural runner.....what a wicked pace! I hope to run as fast as you one day.... but until then I hope to run as fast as Miha at my half marathon in 10 days! :)