Monday, April 18, 2011

Maria's first CN Tower Climb

Saturday we did the CN Tower Climb for WWF-Canada, which was a big day for Maria. She had been training for it for about 2 months. The alarm went off at 5:00AM and 1 minute later we heard Maria telling us to get up because we need to get ready for the CN Tower climb. We realized how excited she must have been, considering that she's not a morning person and usually she doesn't hear the alarm. We wanted to get there as early as possible in order to avoid the crowds. Another reason was that they were giving a free CN Tower ticket to all the participants who arrived before 7:00 AM. The tickets always come in handy when we have visitors who never went to CN Tower. 

The registration process was swift and we were done in less than 10 minutes. The only problem was that we needed to walk in the rain for a couple of hundred meters, from where the registration took place to the CN Tower. And we had to do it wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. It was pouring rain and by the time we got into CN Tower we were all freezing cold  and shivering. Inside was warm tough and 5 minutes later we were all OK.

Being only 6 years old, Maria was one of the youngest participants out there. According to the rules, she had to be accompanied by an adult and Miha decided to be her climbing mate and pacer. The climb was from the base of CN Tower to the "Glass Floor", which consists of 1,776 steps / 144 flights / 342m / 1,122ft. Based on the number of steps, that's equivalent with climbing 128 floors in our house. That's a lot of climbing for a 6 year old and my assumption was that she's going to climb it in somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes. I could not believe my eyes when I saw her and Miha coming out the door after only 22 minutes. Miha told me that they never stopped and Maria was climbing at a brisk pace most of the time. 

Here are the official results. There were 4,437 climbers in total. The Rank in the Results page is misleading because they allocate the same rank for people who finished with the same time.

Here's Maria getting her t-shirt with the official finish time. She's very proud of it and showed it to everybody. She's also wearing it today at school. 

I had a good climb, too. I managed to get a PR, finishing in 14:47min (14:40 according to my Garmin) and beat my previous time of 15:19 min. 


  1. LOVE IT! Great job MIHA!!!!

    That is amazing at 6yrs old to complete that task.

    Keep up the good work Doru! A PR :) Ride the wave buddy!

  2. awesome. i think maria can beat me although I've never done the climb and I lived in the city all my life

  3. Congrats!!! Maria must be so proud of herself. You guys are truly setting a great example for her and I'm sure she'll remember her athletic youth with tons of smiles when she is older. Good for her!!

  4. Matty - Thanks Man! I'm still amazed by Maria's result.

    Peter - With all that training that you're doing I'm sure that you can easily climb CN Tower in under 15 min. The next climb is in October, maybe you'll give it a try. It's pretty cool.

    Derek - Thank you! Yeah, Maria is very proud of herself. My wife had to wash her race t-shirt last night because that's the only t-shirt she wants to wear for now :-).