Monday, March 28, 2011


That's pretty much how I feel about my training. I've even run out of excuses why I am not training. The weather has been pretty good in the last few weeks, I was not sick and I was not busier than usual. I guess the explanation is the fact that I do not have any self control and discipline, like my wife keeps telling me. Even if I don't like it, I have to admit that she's right :-).

Here it is what's going on since my last post, more than a month ago.

On Feb. 27th I did the Peterborough Half-Marathon. The kids ran the 1K race and had a really good time. Me, not so good. Besides the fact that I did not train for it, I also managed to get completely wasted the night before the race. I went to a birthday party on Saturday night, had a very good time and, as usual, got utterly drunk on beer and wine. I got home at 2:00 AM, spent half an hour in the bathroom throwing up and then went to sleep. Luckily the race was starting at 12:30 so I managed to get some decent sleep. The hangover that I had on Sunday was one of the worst. Just before the race was about to start, my head was throbbing with pain, my resting heart rate was in the high 90s and when I bent down to tie my shoelaces I felt so dizzy that I had to lie down. After the race started, I felt a little bit better but I still felt like puking most of the time. The first 10K were hard, really hard because of my headache and my unruly stomach. It also was cold and windy and the course was quite hilly. After about 10K I started feeling better and my headache went away. I picked up the pace and managed to finish the race in 1:43h, with a negative split. My average HR was 172, way higher then usual. In the end, considering the circumstances, I am happy with this result, even though it was 13 minutes over my PB.

This Sunday Miha and I were supposed to do the Around the Bay 30Km Road Race, but because our son got really sick, we had to cancel it. Luckily, the organizers allowed me to transfer my race entry to my friend Dan, so the money did not go wasted. Anyway, I was not trained for it, so it would have been another sufferfest and my time would have sucked regardless.
I'd like to congratulate all of my friends who participated in the ATB, some of whom I met only in the Blogger universe. John P. and Quinton J. had a great race and both set a nice PB.

My next big race is Mississauga Marathon, which is on May 15th, 47 days from now. When I registered for this race, the plan was to qualify to Boston Marathon. In order to BQ I need to finish it in under 3:15h, which would have been doable, had I trained like I did last year, when I finished it in 3:18h. Now all I hope for is to finish it with a decent time, hopefully in under 3:30h. That of course can happen only if I find my motivation and I actually start training.

The good news is that I am healthy and rested. I even managed to stay sober for the last month. All I need is a  little bit of discipline and motivation to start my training. I know that once I get back into my routine it will get much easier. The plan is to start with baby steps and slowly build up my motivation. I am also going to update my blog weekly with my progress in order to keep me honest. The plan for this week is to run 30K, bike 60K and have one swim session. That's about 6 hours of training, which is not that much, but it's good enough for a baby win.


  1. Yeah, it all sucks and we should give up and just watch reality shows. ATB just involved really cold water this year, but, the sun was nice. People at work ask about the race, I said the sun was nice. They just don't understand it all so I hate to show weakness.

  2. I am right beside you on the training or lack there of! I was just putting together a similar post. We've got to kick ourselves out of this rut. The weather is changing which means we can get outside a little easier.
    I just need to get over this respiratory infection and then I am golden! ;)

  3. Yeah, I used this unexpected opportunity to move my a.. onto another citadel. I never ran 30 km before, actually my longest distance was a half marathon. Practically, without training, I managed to finish the distance in 3:09 and something. According with my standards, I am a hero.

  4. Wow - Even with a hangover you still run faster than me! hah!
    I'm looking forward to your regular posts!

    I hope your son is feeling better soon!

  5. Hey buddy...thanks for the shout out. That Peterborough 1/2 is a good run (I heard they changed the route this year t00). I was the 1:50 bunny last year for that race, but this year I had a wedding to go to on that day. A 1:43 with negative splits is pretty good for hung-over. Good luck with your training this month...Boston is in your clutches...

  6. hahaha, this could be the post of the year Doru!!!

    I feel your pain though. I went through this same rut, in fact, I even deepened the rut for myself this past winter.

    Hang in there. I know the exact feelings of disgust and shame to not achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

    Keep your head straight and your focus will come back. It took me 2 weeks of clean eating and following my schedule with NO QUESTIONS ASKED, no excuses, just mindlessly doing everything I had planned.

    You will be back. Keep your head up buddy!

  7. Susan: No more TV for me. I had enough of it lately. Netflix is evil because they are so cheap and have so many movies to choose from :-).
    I read a few ATB race reports and everybody complained how the water was too cold or even frozen. Not the best conditions to have a good race. I'm so looking forward to warmer Spring days, chirping birds and fragrant flowers, me running under 4:30m/km again :-)

    Fran: I hear you. I was sick most of January with cold/flu and it really sucks. Get well soon!
    We're slow starters but once we get moving, we'll both kick ass and have a great year, full of PRs.

    John: With all that training you're doing, it's only a matter of time until you run faster than me.
    My son is much better, thanks for asking. He had a severe case of flu and got hospitalized for 4 days. Now he's finally back at home, recovering fast.

    Dan: Running 30K with no training is definitely a heroic achievement and not many people can do it. I know it firsthand because I ran my first half marathon in 2008 with zero training and it was the hardest race I've ever done, even harder than my Ironman. I still remember the pain to this day. Congrats again on not giving up and finishing the race.

    Q: It seems that they changed the route. I did Peterborough in 2009 and I don't remember it to be that hilly. Or maybe it wasn't hilly, it was just my brain trying to invent new excuses for my lousy performance. Ha-ha. I still strongly believe that am going to BQ, but I realize that's not going to happen this spring. Hopefully it will happen in the fall, at Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

    Matty: Thanks for the advices man! Glad to hear that you've got yourself out of the rut. I am very determined this time to stick to my plan, follow my schedule and get my focus back.