Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's getting a tad better, but still not quite there

It's been 3 weeks since my last post. My plan to get back on track is slowly moving forward. Kinda of too slow for my taste but as long as it is forward I am happy with the results. I've decided to adopt Bryan's baby-wins approach and so far it's working well for me.

The only training that I did in the last 3 weeks was in regards with the 100 push ups / 200 sit-ups / 200 squats challenges. I just completed my 3rd week of training and according to my last exhaustion test I am now at 50 push ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats. When I started doing this, just before Christmas, I was so out of shape that I only was able to do 25 push ups, 30 sit-ups and 40 squats.

Another thing that I'm happy with is that I did not drink much this year, except for the New Year's Eve party, which lasted for 2 days and it took me about 3 days to recover from it. I still drank the 2-3 beers one or two nights a week, but most of the days I did not drink at all. That's a big progress when compared with the months before.

And finally we have setup our family race calendar for 2011. This year we have decided to add a couple of non triathlon related events to our list in order to make it more fun. It's not 100% finished yet but we have already registered for some of the races. This way I know that at least we'll attend these ones:

Feb 27, 2011   - YMCA of Peterborough Half Marathon. The kids will do the 1K Fun Run.
Mar 27, 2011  - Around the Bay 30K Road Race
Apr 16, 2011  - WWF CN Tower Climb. Our daughter, Maria, who's 6, is going to join us. More details about it in another post.
May 15, 2011 - Mississauga Marathon
Jun 05, 2011   - DVP Ride for Heart. We're doing this one with some of my work colleagues.
Jul 09, 2011    - Warrior Dash Barrie. I just know that it's going to be a fun, fun event.
Jul 10, 2011    - Peterborough Half Ironman (we're going to register as soon as the registration opens).
Sep 11, 2011   - Muskoka Half Ironman (we're going to register as soon as the registration opens).
Oct 23, 2011   - Ajax Half Marathon. (we're going to register as soon as the registration opens).

My A races are going to be Mississauga Marathon and Muskoka Half Ironman. At Mississauga Marathon I'm going to try again to qualify to Boston Marathon, even though my chances right now are not as good as last year, when I was only 3 minutes short of BQ. Anyway, if it does not work out then there are other marathons in the fall and sooner or later I am going to BQ. There's no rush, Boston is not going anywhere.


  1. Great stuff! Hope I'll see you at Around The Bay!

    Fran is doing 1/2 Missisauga, I'm just watching.
    Fran is also doing HIM Peterborough. i'll be doin' sprint since too close to IMLP.

    I'm not doing Muskoka again. Too cold for me.

    Looks like a great schedule!! Great results from the pushup/situp challenges. That was some quick improvement. I look forward to starting mine one day, maybe in February.

  2. Awesome man! We are doing the Warrior Dash too!

    Keep it up and keep your head in the right place!

    Should be a great year.

  3. John, definitely we should all 4 get together after the Around The Bay race.
    By the way, last year I did the Half Swim/Bike at Peterborough and it was the perfect training day before the IMLP for me. In my case, it is the Run leg that is messing me after a half IM.

    Thanks Matty! I am so looking forward to doing the Warrior Dash. And I've just found out that Tough Mudder is going to have an event near Toronto next year. That's another race from my Bucket list, suggested by BDD.