Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's next

It has been more that three weeks of debauchery since Ironman Lake Placid. The first two weeks were quilt-free because I was recovering and celebrating. The last week though I was supposed to start training but instead I continued partying. Not good. Today I finally managed to get my self out of the door and do my regular 10K run. It was just awful, especially because last night Miha and I stayed until 4:00 AM drinking wine, listening to music  and drinking wine. The combination of good music and drinking takes me to another reality, where everything is just better. Of course that this morning when I woke up at 7:00 AM everything was just worse. Luckily, after I drank a strong coffee I was 100% recovered, or so I felt. One of the main reasons I started doing triathlons was to be able to drink and in the same time stay healthy. So far my plan is working exceptionally well.

Our next big goal is to qualify to Boston Marathon. In my case, all I need to do is to finish a marathon in under 3:15 hours. Miha needs to finish one in under 3:45 hours. We both plan to do it on October 17th at Toronto Marathon. In my case, it should not be too hard, considering that I did Mississauga Marathon in 3:18 hours. Of course that would actually work only if I start training, instead of drinking.

Our next big race is Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, on September 12th. We also did it last year, when I fell off the bike with only 2 Km left on the bike leg and ended up being taken to the hospital. Luckily, nothing was broken. Miha finished it in 8:02 hours. It was our first long triathlon and a tough experience for both of us. This year hopefully it will be an "easy" race, considering that we made a huge progress since last year.

I just realized that the next biggest race by far is the House of Payne 5KM Beer Run. How could I forget the event of year?! It is going to take place on  Saturday, August 28, 2010, at Bryan Payne's house. This is my type of race: drink - run - drink. After the race there's going to be the Payne-a-poolza party, where I get to meet all the triathlon celebrities, some of whom I met before, like John Fortin and Carlos, and some I'll have the pleasure of meeting for the first time, like Matty O. Dr. Sesuss says that "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.".

Today's pictures are from Toronto Island  Give-It-A-Tri, where I finished 5th overall (out of 343 participants) and first in my age group. Of course it helped that most of the participants were doing their first triathlon on a rusty mountain bike, while I was on my $3000 Cervelo bike. I did the race because 2 of my friends were doing it, both of them being beginners and I wanted to encourage them. Even though it was a Give-It-A-Tri (Swim 400m, Bike 10 Km, Run 2.5Km) it was a good feeling to finish for the first time on the podium. I did the same race in 2007, when I came 14th in my age group.


  1. Sounds like you have a busy fall season! God job on managing the beer consumption and the training all in one! I guess you and Bryan must have some of the same genes!

  2. The only difference is that Bryan has 3 times more "drinking" genes than I have. Ha-ha. That was my conclusion after I spent a weekend with him at Lake Placid.

  3. Hi Doru-
    Congrats on your IMLP!!! awesome job...did you sign up for next year?

    best of luck in the Toronto marathon

  4. Thank you Derek. I haven’t signed up for next year for IMLP. The plan is that next year I am going to do only half IMs and try to qualify to Clearwater. My next full IM is going to be in 2012, when my wife plans to do her first IM, too.

  5. D, congrats on drinking and getting up at 7 am. haha. O, and congrats on the 5th overall and 1st place finish. Regardless of the distance, it always feels good getting on the poduim. Congrats also to you and Miha for your race at Muskoka. I see you finished this year and Miha beat last years time. Nice.


  6. Thanks B! You are right, it always feels good getting on the podium, especially considering that three years ago I was scared of the Give-It-A-Tri distance.