Sunday, August 29, 2010

House of Payne 5Km Beer Run

On August 28th, 2010 I attended the House of Payne 5Km Beer Run. It was a blast and I had a really, really good time, especially at the Payne-a-Poolza party that Bryan held at his house after the race.

The rules for the HOP 5K Beer Run are pretty simple: "At the start you drink one beer, then one beer every kilometre. If you "puke", you run an extra lap and have an extra beer."
More about the rules you can find on the

The HOP Beer Run is a prediction run, everyone writes down the time they think it will take to finish, then they run with no watches or timing devises. The winner is the one whose actual time comes closest to their predicted time. Before the race I thought that drinking 6 beers fast is not a big deal.  Then, during the race I realized that drinking beer fast can be really hard. It took me 20 seconds to drink the first one and probably more than 5 minutes to drink the 6th one, most of the time feeling on the verge of puking. I finished dead last, 12th out of 12 persons. My initial estimate was 24:59 and it took me 43:24 minutes to finish. Running was easy, but the drinking part was HARD.

What I found really interesting was to find out who were the people who participated in the Beer Run and the debauchery that followed after it. As Bryan said, the results will probably surprise. Of the twelve participants, all are married, none are divorced, eight have kids, eight are triathletes, three have 15 Ironman finishes between each of them, one is a Kona Qualifier and the most remarkable, is most are LEADERS in their chosen career path:
  Sr. Sales Representative
  Police Officer
  Health Inspector
  Accountant - Mergers and Acquisitions
  Canadian Tire Dealer
  Copy Writer
  Business Development and Marketing Director
  Lawyer - International Mergers and Acquisitions
  NASA Research Scientist
  Structural Engineer / Landscape Company Owner
  Computer Programmer
  Monitoring Centre Officer (Department of Corrections)

For more details about the race and the party that followed after, please read Bryan's blog. I am inserting here a few pictures and a video made by Bryan, where you can see how fun and crazy things got.

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