Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mississauga Marathon

 I have finished successfully my second marathon. Total time: 3:18:49.5, only 3:50 minutes short of qualifying to Boston. Had I paced myself properly I'd have probably managed to finish in under 3:15 hours. My next marathon is going to be Toronto Marathon in October 17 and with a little bit of luck and some extra training I am going to qualify to Boston this time. If not, there's also going to be another time to do it.

Total time: 3:18:49.5
Pace: 4:43 min/km
Category place: 29/143 (20.27%)
Overall place: 118/1711 (6.89%)
Split at 21.1Km: 1:35:23

Bryan Payne ran side-by-side with me for the first half. His post about the race is better, longer and much more interesting. Here is the link: Beautiful run day ... and here are a few excerpts:

"Before the gun went off, I pulled Doru and Miha up to the very front of the start line. I wanted us to be in that "customary" race start photo, the one they usually use to promote next years race.

I'm sure it will be a funny picture. All these lean looking runners, including Kenyans, and then there's me, Doru and Miha. The only thing I forgot was my captains hat. I left the house without it. Wearing the hat would have made that "starting photo" funnier. It would be like finding "where's waldo, I mean, where's the captain".

I ran with Doru for about 15 km, up until the Marathon and half marathon split. He was running strong. For the most part we maintained about a 7:10 pace. It was a super hard course, if you don't like running completely downhill on a slight grade that makes you go faster.

Doru didn't know this, but as we ran side by side, I was debating if I should just do the entire marathon with him. At the last minute, I decided against it and it turned out to be a good decision. After I separated from Doru, around the 17 km mark, my legs started cramping and each foot started getting a blister from my new runners.

All and all, I was pleased with the race. It was fun and more importantly a good social event. It was good catching up with Doru and Miha, who both had great races. Doru ended up with a 3:18:50, his goal was to do a 3:15 and qualify for Boston. Miha did a 4:14:07 and Doru said she felt great after the race, unlike him. He thinks he went out to hard. I thought his time was great regardless, especially since it was only his 2nd marathon ever."

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