Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mississauga Marathon

 I have finished successfully my second marathon. Total time: 3:18:49.5, only 3:50 minutes short of qualifying to Boston. Had I paced myself properly I'd have probably managed to finish in under 3:15 hours. My next marathon is going to be Toronto Marathon in October 17 and with a little bit of luck and some extra training I am going to qualify to Boston this time. If not, there's also going to be another time to do it.

Total time: 3:18:49.5
Pace: 4:43 min/km
Category place: 29/143 (20.27%)
Overall place: 118/1711 (6.89%)
Split at 21.1Km: 1:35:23

Bryan Payne ran side-by-side with me for the first half. His post about the race is better, longer and much more interesting. Here is the link: Beautiful run day ... and here are a few excerpts:

"Before the gun went off, I pulled Doru and Miha up to the very front of the start line. I wanted us to be in that "customary" race start photo, the one they usually use to promote next years race.

I'm sure it will be a funny picture. All these lean looking runners, including Kenyans, and then there's me, Doru and Miha. The only thing I forgot was my captains hat. I left the house without it. Wearing the hat would have made that "starting photo" funnier. It would be like finding "where's waldo, I mean, where's the captain".

I ran with Doru for about 15 km, up until the Marathon and half marathon split. He was running strong. For the most part we maintained about a 7:10 pace. It was a super hard course, if you don't like running completely downhill on a slight grade that makes you go faster.

Doru didn't know this, but as we ran side by side, I was debating if I should just do the entire marathon with him. At the last minute, I decided against it and it turned out to be a good decision. After I separated from Doru, around the 17 km mark, my legs started cramping and each foot started getting a blister from my new runners.

All and all, I was pleased with the race. It was fun and more importantly a good social event. It was good catching up with Doru and Miha, who both had great races. Doru ended up with a 3:18:50, his goal was to do a 3:15 and qualify for Boston. Miha did a 4:14:07 and Doru said she felt great after the race, unlike him. He thinks he went out to hard. I thought his time was great regardless, especially since it was only his 2nd marathon ever."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting ready for Mississauga marathon

Today I had my last long run before the Mississauga marathon. I managed to keep 4:30 min/km for 18Km without using all my energy. Ideally, on Sunday I hope to finish the marathon in under 3:15 hours (4:37 min/km) and qualify to Boston Marathon. I know that I can keep this pace for 30 Km because I did it at Around the Bay race in March. The problem is that after 30Km I did not have any energy left in me. My worry is that the history will repeat itself and I’ll bonk during the second half of the race. That happened at my first, and only one so far, marathon – Toronto Marathon 2009. I did the first 21K in 1:49 hours, which was a good time for me at that time. Then, around 23Km into the race, my left knee started to hurt badly. I had to walk for about 10Km or so, until I decided that whatever it happens I am going to force myself and finish the last 9Km running. The first 2K were really painful and I thought that I’ll damage my knee, but I kept pushing and after that the pain went away and I managed to finish the race strong. My time for the second half of the race was 2:34 hours, 45 minutes longer then the first half.

My plan B for Sunday is to finish in under 3:30 hours. I got to admit that my plan A is more of a wishful thinking sort of thing. I’ll be very happy if I reach my plan B goal. I have plenty of time to qualify to Boston and I am sure that sooner rather than later I’ll be good enough to do it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Swimming PR

Today I had a fast swim. Now fast is a relative term, so don’t get your expectations high thinking about Olympic fast. Actually my swim is really slow even when it is fast. Back to my today’s swim. I managed to swim 20x100m, with 30 seconds breaks between laps, in 40:10 minutes. My fastest 100m lap was 1:52 min. That’s a big improvement for me. I usually swim 100 m in 2:10 – 2:15 minutes, but today for some reason I managed to swim it in 2 minutes.

At my first triathlon in 2007 – Bala Falls Give-it-a-tri Triathlon – I swam 400 meters in 13 minutes, with an average of 3:15 min / 100 m. Because I did not do any training in 2007 and 2008, at my next triathlons my pace was between 3:05 and 3:21 min/100m and all of them were give-it-a-tris, with only 400 meters of swimming.

In 2009 I slowly started training regularly. My first long swim consisted of one mile that I managed to finish in exactly one hour, which means an average pace of 3:44 min/100m. After that my left shoulder hurt for about two weeks. Until then I had never swum for more than 400 meters. I quickly started to improve my times with an all high record of 2 Km, with no stops, in 42:53 min – 2:06 min/100m. My best open water swim was at Muskoka Ironman 70.3 in September 2009, where I managed to finish the 1.2 miles in 43:38 min – 2:16 min /km. After Muskoka, I kind of stopped training. I started again in February and to my dismay my average lap time was around 2:20 min.

I still have more than two and a half months left until Ironman Lake Placid. My goal is to finish the 2.4 miles in 1:20 hours, which means that I have to keep a pace of 2:04 per 100 meters. My problem is that I have never swum longer than 2K so far and I have no clue what my time is for 4K or if I am able to swim continuously for 4K. Plus Lake Placid has a mass swim start, where about 2,300 athletes start swimming in the same time. That’s scary!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making plans

I am very lazy when it comes to writing, as you can see from my blog that it has so far only one very short entry. Actually, as Miha, i.e. my wife, would gladly confirm, I am very lazy when it comes to lots of things, with a few exceptions like drinking beer and playing computer games, which I can do for many, many hours without really getting tired.

Once in a while, especially when I am highly caffeinated, I like to make big plans, which I usually do not follow through. I recently gave up coffee, but I've just drank a cup of black tea, which seems that it set me into the "making plans" mode. So, I've decided that I am going to update my blog periodically. What "periodically" means I am not yet sure, but hopefully I'll manage to do it at least once a week. Especially, now that I just noticed that I have two followers: John F. and LHarp.

Today's post is going to be about what my next posts are going to be. Firstly, what gave me the idea of keeping a blog, was Bryan's blog - I love his blog and since I first started reading it, which was last summer, I dreamt of having a similar blog. Of course after taking into account my broken English and my laziness, I realized that I won't be able to write a similar blog so I did what I do best when I face an obstacle: I postponed my plans for later on.

Anyway, back to my planning. I am going to update my blog with my planned races for the year. Then after each race I am going to write a race report. I am also going to write about my training, or lack thereof. And I just remembered, I am going to get myself together and post all my previous race results since 2007, when I first started doing triathlons. Then, if I still have any energy left, I am going to write about my kids races and their results so far.

But lets not get carried away. It looks like the caffeine has worn off so I am going to stop here with making plans. Hopefully I'll be able to follow them through.